Our history

1997 – UAB “Keltecha” was established as a bulk cargo spedition company, specializing in Lithuanian market.

1998-2000 – the company’s activities were concentrated on domestic spedition services.

2001 – the first own trucks and semitrailers were bought and UAB “Keltecha” entered the international cargo transportation market. In the same year an enterprise specializing in bulk cargo transportation services in Vilnius region AB “Kirtimų autotransportas” was acquired.

2002 – bulk cargo transportation services using own tippers were started to provide.

2003-2005 – the international transportation services were expanded, new trucks and semitrailers were bought.

2006 – the first tank trailers were bought and liquid hazardous cargoes were started to haul.

2007-2008 – bulk and liquid ADR cargo transportation on domestic routes and spedition services became the main operating activities as international transportation volumes declined.

2009 – UAB “Keltecha” became a part of AB “Panevėžio keliai” group.

2010 – After a short break the company resumed to expansion of its international transportation services.

2011 – A branch of UAB “Keltecha” was founded in Latvia and active expansion into the Latvian bulk and liquid ADR cargo transportation market began.


For 15 years we are carrying cargos from our partners and customers.